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LaTrobe Teaching

I teach or have taught much of the service subjects at LaTrobe university.  If you are a student in one of these subjects, you should use the LMS page to keep up to date.

Subjects taught

Vector Calculus

The Vector Calculus subject teaches multivariable calculus, culminating with Gauss's Theorem and Stokes' Theorem.

I am in charge of an ongoing update of the subject.  The major impetus was to increase the depth that we explore material while removing about a quarter of the lectures which taught linear partial differential equations.  I have also introduced a computer lab and made use of some of the Moodle/LMS functionality to significantly change the way students interact with the subject.

Modelling of Infectious Disease

Along with Bec Chisholm I am developing a new subject targeted at non-mathematicians about modelling of infectious disease.

Calculus and Differential Equations

The typical second semester subject for first year Engineers/Mathematicians/etc is an introduction to Calculus and Differential equations.  I have played a role in restructuring this subject, producing new lectures (particularly for differential equations).

Number Systems and Linear Algebra

The typical first semester subject for first year students builds a background for students to ensure that they are ready to take the other subjects.  

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